More jet + less lag

Spring break is here and with that comes one of my favorite things….travel!  After a long travel day the last thing you want is to feel less than your best, time with family is too precious to waste by feeling all that travel funk.  Here are my best tips in fighting jet lag especially for the long-haul flights.  Prepping your body for a long haul flight will do wonders for your high altitude recovery.  Trust me, I know these things….. Hi.  Flight attendant.

My Top 10 Tips on How to Beat Jet Lag

  1. Relax and breath
    Take a deep breath and go with the flow. The more you stress the more you are firing the “fight or flight” response and tiring out your adrenals, with this comes disrupted blood sugar regulation and a lowered immune response. Give yourself ample time to get to the airport, don’t get frazzled, rest on the flight, and take care of yo body.
  2.  Hydration
    Staying hydrated will not only make you feel better but will help your entire body recover with its toxin flushing, cell nourishing, circulation promoting, all around homeostasis promoting magic.  A rule of thumb is to drink half of your body weight (lbs) in oz of water.  If you have a window seat and are afraid of having to use the fancy airplane lavs just sprinkle a pinch of sea salt in your water bottle, it helps the  body absorb the water instead just flushing it out.  Don’t start hydrating day of, make sure you are staying well hydrated during the days leading up to the flight and then the days following as well.  This will also get your body more in tune with absorbing instead of just flushing.
  3. BOOZE
    Get wasted! … Just kidding.  Save the celebrating for the vacation.  Drinking during the flight is going to have you feeling all the funk (been there done that).  The day before and the day after the flight is a good time to focus on hydration so staying clear of the booze will optimize your jet-lag recovery.  Kombucha is a wonderful substitution and it helps to fight sugar cravings as well (check the label for added sugar).
  4. Nutrition
    Eat nutrient dense + properly prepared foods before and after the flight, and try not to eat the airplane food.  Airplane food is highly processed and will be doing you zero favors in feeling fancy.  Here is a list of my favorite easy to pack snacks:
    RX bar
    Epic Bar
    Cut veggies
    Cut fruit
    Hard boiled eggs
    Almond butter packets
    Cacao + Coffee Protein Pancakes
    Avocado – cut pre-flight and hold it together with a rubber band
    Sea salt (trust me, I never leave home without it)
  5. #2
    Everybody does it.  Make sure to include fiber into your diet, the last thing you want is to become constipated while traveling.  Fiber + adequate hydration should keep your digestive system in good working order.
  6. Stretch
    Stretch before the flight to increase the circulation throughout the body.  Try and squeeze in a little stretch action pre-flight + mid-flight + post flight ….. Just keep your bum out of the galley.aftersitting stretches
  7. Sleep
    Sleep on the time zone you are in.  Sleeping at night is the best way  to re-set and align the body clock with the time-zone you are in. We all know how a good night’s sleep makes us feel, reborn and kind of like Beyoncé.
  8. Exercise
    Exercise while on vacation.  Sweating is a wonderful way to excrete toxins from the body as it encourages detoxification.
  9. Dry brush
    After traveling or sitting for long periods of time dry brushing will increase blood flow and reduce swelling in the ankles and limbs, the increased circulation will also give ya a little boost after being stagnant….and we all love to feel all the fancy feels.

    • Use a coarse brush like the one to the right
    • Skin should be dry
    • Always brush towards the heart starting at the feet
    • Then continue brushing towards the heart down your arms starting at your hands. Check out my last blog post to learn more about dry brushing.
  10. Laugh + Have fun!
    The best way to fight the funk is to forget about it, love and laughter is always the best medicine!