Sugar, I can’t quit you

Sneaky, overbearing, fun, taunting, pushy, delicious, pretty, ugly, I hate you, I love you, leave me alone, no come back, feels good, feels bad, feels really bad, but really good! Oh sugar… you are such an evil, decadent, addicting temptress of the night…… that is full of disease and hate and just wants to kill.

Refined sugar has become a constant in our modern diet and our bodies have become so addicted to it, It’s in everything!  The average American eats 140lbs of refined sugar a year, if you think this sounds crazy look in your fridge and cabinets and read the labels. Everything from condiments, cereals, bread, crackers, cookies, salad dressing,  milk, pasta sauce, spices, peanut butter, snacks, lunch meat, and even yoghurt has refined sugar in it, and heaven’s to Betsy if it is in your baby food or baby formula! (Handclaps and high-fives to those who do everything you can to avoid this “white death”) However, I don’t blame it entirely on the consumer, we have been fed so many terrible untruths about health by the FDA and its backwards guidelines (have you heard… a poptart is healthier than an avocado).

Stick with natural sugars such as honey, quality maple syrup, and fruit. These beauties can substitute out the bad sugars when baking, give you that sweet “fix”, and are an excellent choice for a snack or dessert. Umm… have you ever had a grilled peach??!!! IMG_3234

Below I have listed some of the beautiful gifts our friend Sugar likes to leave behind…

  • Obesity
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease



*Completed day 2 of 21 health bombs (don’t say bomb on an airplane)!….. And I’ve also given up almond butter for 21 days because I have abused my “appropriate spoonfuls in one day” allowance, day 2 is now in the books! Woof, this is brutal.

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