soak yo nuts!

Soak yo nuts, seeds, and grains!! Seriously, if you are a nut lover this is a must. Nuts have a high amount of enzyme inhibitors making it difficult for your body to digest. Digestive enzymes are important because they are needed in breaking down foods. Also soaking removes phytic acid, phytic acid will block the absorption of calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc in your intestinal tract. The proper preparation of your nuts seeds and grains will keep your digestive systems happy, you will absorb proteins properly, your absorption of vitamins will increase, you will keep your colon free of toxins and this will help in the prevention of many health conditions.


How do I soak my nuts Colleen?

Put nuts in bowl

Pour warm water over nuts

Soak over night

Put in dehydrator or in oven on low temp until dry. It takes a few hours in the oven and if you keep them a little wet just store them in the fridge.

BONUS – they taste magicaler

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