Prostaglandins are so hot right now

IMG_3800How often have you experienced an injury and the first thought or suggestion is “take an Aspirin”….. you know you’ve gotta control that inflammation!  I can sympathize with pain management, pain sucks…. it’s really mean, but maybe you should just suck it up!

What are prostaglandins?
Prostaglandins are hormones which moderate our body’s pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory function.  When the body encounters trauma whether it be a cut, bruise, puncture, etc. our prostaglandins come in to heal the area.  There are three types of theses bad boys… PG1, PG2, and PG3 and they all play a specific role is this magical body-healing process.

How do they do it?
“OUCH!” (that is the injury occurring) “Oh look, I’m saved, here comes PG2!”  So, PG2 arrives and begins protecting the area by inflaming, this inflammation protects the injured area from further injury or harm (what a nice hormone that PG2).  But things get better…Here comes PG1 and PG3, the anti-inflammatory prostaglandins, and they are now coming in to remove the injured cells while also rebuilding healthy cells and damaged tissue.

How are Prostaglandins made?
They are made from elongated forms of EFA’s, or essential fatty acids….
Omega-3’s (Alpha-linolenic Acid or ALA)
Fish oil
Flax seed oil
Wheat Germ

Omega-6’s (Linoleic Acid or LA)
Sunflower oil
Sesame oil
Safflower oil
Black currant seed
Evening Primrose
*The quality of the oil and how it is processed is the difference between it being a good fat vs bad fat.  The ratio of Omega-3’s to Omega-6s should be 1:1

How NSAIDS disrupt healing
Anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin block the body’s natural ability to recover from injury because the release of our healing superhero’s, the prostaglandins, are being prevented from coming into the affected area to begin the healing process.  You might feel a bit better with the pain relief but this disruption will interfere with your body’s innate healing process and can prolong the recovery time.

Aint no body got time for that!


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