pizza dough

So at CFKB (CrossFit Kingsboro) we have a question of the day (QOD) while we stretch. A lot of times they have to do with food, which I love. I like to hear what other people have to say and then I get my Paleo Cogs moving to see if I can paleomatize it. Pizza comes up A LOT. Seriously, people freaking love pizza. I do to but I think these people have unhealthy obsessions about pizza. Anyways, I made pizza. The season finale of The Bachelor was coming on that evening (#TeamLauren) and I knew the only way I was going to get my husband to watch three hours of riveting television was by making the holy grail of food. It was my first shot at pizza dough and I’m not changing a thing. It was amaze. This reminds me, I don’t think I have mentioned bacon yet.


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