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Don’t you just love airplane food? I don’t. Are the food options around your office getting old? Yup! You don’t have to throw off your diet just because you work. With a little bit of thought and a bit of planning you can eat like a champ even when away from home.  Every week I will post about what’s in my lunch box with a linked recipe.  My work trips last 3 days and I always pack enough for 3 full meals, 2 snacks and 2 “sweets” in a tiny little lunch box.  Here is a little sneak peek.  At least once a week I buy an organic rotisserie chicken and I break it down throwing away the skin.  Chicken can be used soooo many ways!  I also always make a “dippy sauce”. Is it a dip? Is it a sauce? Who cares! It’s yummy and can be used as a veggie dipper or as a sauce over your preferred source of protein.  Have fun with it!  So this is my galley creation at 35,000 feet. I packed rotisserie chicken, homemade pesto “dippy sauce”, zoodled a zucchini (packed pre zoodled) threw it in a galley tin and heated that bad boy for 20 mins! So easy! I took a few tomatoes from an unused salad in business class and then walked my beautiful plate of food down the aisle,  slinking past all of my sleeping passengers while whiffing the smells towards their sleeping heads to fill their dreams of zoodley pesto goodness. Disclaimer: I HATE PINE NUTS….severely.  This recipe does not use pine nuts but you are welcome to substitute my nuts for your nuts.

1 zoodled zucchini
2 Tbsp Spinach + Cashew Pesto “dippy sauce”
4 oz rotisserie chicken

Heat & Eat ! This is also super yummy cold. I don’t always have access to ovens (hotel rooms) so I try and make my recipes temp friendly. Me and food go down anytime anyplace.


Spinach + Cashew Pesto

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