Julie Bauer’s Prosciutto frittata

Holy Shit balls! The feels like temperature outside its -23F, ooooh hell no! Go home winter, you are just rude! We are house sitting (literally, outside is dumb) in Croton-on-Hudson for lovely friends of ours. They have a fireplace, a kitchen, bedrooms, a porch… it’s a house yall! This is super exciting for someone who has lived NYC for 10 years! Getting to feel like a civilized human for 48hours was the best! The only thing I could think of making for breakfast was my most absolute favorite frittata from Julie Bauers cookbook. She is amazing, and you should definitly cook everything in her cookbook and drool on your laptop looking at her website. www.paleomg.com You’re welcome! Brrrr

Julie Bauer's Prosciutto Frittata


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