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Dr. Pottenger’s cat study

A man named Dr. Pottenger did a study on cats to find what nutritional substances would make health optimal in humans.  He tested this by taking out the adrenal glands in cats and then he fed one group of cats cooked meat and pasteurized milk, while the other group of cats were fed raw meat and raw unpasteurized milk.  Over the span of 10 years the evidence he collected showed the cats who ate the raw meat and raw milk had great health and vitality. Their growth and development showed zero deterioration.  The cats had lots of energy, great coordination, teeth and gums were heathy, and each generation had optimum health without any deterioration.  The group of cats being fed the cooked meat and pasteurized milk showed a significate decline in heath.  These cats were sluggish, uncoordinated, vitality was low, bone structures changed and became weaker, they had poor teeth and gum health, and with each generation the deterioration was worse than the generation before. Eventually the cats were either uninterested in reproduction or only produced still borns.

So, what does this mean for your health? Dr. Pottenger’s study proved how important the quality of our food is and also how important the preparation is.  If you are drinking pasteurized condensed milk you are consuming a product with has little to no health value and over time will cause health problems in your diet. The milk is heated to high levels which kills off the nutritional content of the milk and then sugar is added to make it taste good. These changes in the nutritional structure can lead to poor teeth health, blood sugar imbalances, this process also strips away the nutrients needed for good bone health.  Cooking meat also has an impact on its nutritional structure. I am not saying to only eat raw meat.  I am saying to try and incorporate raw animal protein in your diet.  They are nutrient dense and can have a profound impact on your vitality, stress levels, and overall health.  As for the quality of the meat, cooked or raw, grass-fed hormone free is always optimal.  And just to touch of the healthy group of cats, their food was not altered from its natural raw state.  Raw fruits, vegetables, dairy, high quality meat have such an importance in the diet because of their rawness. When unchanged by heat, canning, or pasteurization you will absorb all of the nutritional benefits of the food.

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