dirty secret

I am a loud and proud CrossFitter (newbie)! Yup. There. I said it. And if you have a problem with health, exercise, community, and being sexy than whoa man I feel sad for ya. CrossFit has a bad rap and a reputation for being very “bro” and for being cult like, eh..I used to think that too. My brother had been trying to get me to go for years and finally he talked me into it so I gave it a shot. I haven’t looked back, not even a glance, well except to check out my new CrossFit ass!!! Hey, I have done a lot of wall ball shots and back squats for this ass. It has become my happy place, the box not my ass, It is a place where everyone belongs, again not my ass. It doesn’t matter your age, religion, race, sexuality, sex, if you have sex (hehe) it is truly become a place of family. I see why boxes (lingo for : gym) are considered small communities. I love it I love it I love it!!I love that I can call the coaches and members friends. I have only been going for 6 months and I’m still learning sooooo many of the moves and still giggle on snatch day. I love the snatch! Thank you CrossFit Kingsboro you boys have really made something special for so many people.



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