Condiments have stupid ingredients

Go to your fridge or pantry grab your favorite condiments, salad dressing, dips, sauces and check out those labels. Let me guess… you see sugar, hydrogenated oils, some kind of mystery corn ingredient, soy,  a bunch of other stuff you have no clue what it is, a side of diabetes.  Now if you see that crap THROW IT AWAY, aaaand you’re welcome. I just helped clean out your pantry.   Food can be a healer or a  killer.  Even though we only use these products in small amounts every little bit ads up. Making the small changes is a great start! With every little change you make you become healthier so get into the habit of checking those food labels and quit buying the crap. Instead read my blog and make a “Dippy Sauce”!

I introduced the “Dippy Sauce” last week, with my   Spinach + Cashew Pesto.  It is a one stop shop condiment.  Make a batch at the beginning of the week and use it as your dip, sauce, salad dressing, an all around food jazzer-upper.  This last week I made Creamy Avocado + Tomatillo Magic.  I used it on everything, my crew meals were ever so tasty! I will be sharing a crew meal post later this week with the ways I used this magical condiment while I was traveling.  The pilots were so jealous… and no, I did not share.

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Creamy Avocado + Tomatillo Magic Recipe

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