cilantro + jalapeño + lime sweet potato biscuits

Oh the CrossFit open, how I love and hate thee. It has been a great experience and such a frustrating one too. You really get tested mentally and physically. I am so impressed by my teammate’s strength and gung-ho. 16.3 though, oh man it made me so mad! Ugh, I was soo freaking mad at the pull up bar I wanted to hurt it! I wanted to break it and yell at it! I was so mad I wanted to cry, but that would have been weird and I’m sure my coach would have been totally freaked out if I just started crying in the middle of the workout. I was soooo MAD! Anyways, moving on. This was a Monday, and I bring in food to the box on Tuesdays to test out recipes. After the workout I had to talk about anything to get my mind off of 16.3 so I asked my coach what he was craving or maybe we were just talking about food… anyways, all I remember was “sweet potato biscuits” As soon as I came home I looked at what I had in the fridge and that is how I came up with these beauties.

cilantro + jalepeno + lime sweet potato biscuitsRecipe

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