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This is a must read for anyone interested in nutrition or for anyone interested in the untruths the FDA  has been feeding the American people for decades (It’s a cookbook too!)  Our food industry is completely out of control and the thread puller of this unraveling spool are those who are supposed to be looking out for the best interest of the American people. Unfortunately, too much money can be made by government run industries if we are all sick.  Assholes.

My book review:

Nourishing Traditions challenges the reader to see the good and bad in nutrition.  Why are Americans so sick while other countries, developed and third world, are so healthy? Sally Fallon, the author, exposes the self-proclaimed “Diet Dictocrats” for misleading non-full truths in food science.  While also educating the reader on important macro and micronutrients along with their important functions.

This book was my first introduction to Dr. Price.  I found his research on the diets of “indigenous” people compared to those who eat a modern diet to be very interesting.  He found that those who lived a more primitive and isolated life had a more nutrient dense diet full of healthy fats and animal proteins lived a life free of chronic disease, dental decay, and mental illness. Those who ate a modern diet in the “civilized” world were stuck with more illness, tooth decay, and disease.  This was linked to a diet caused by the industrial revolution and modern man.

In the fats chapter, I was surprised to discover the FDA’s recommendation of a low cholesterol, low-fat diet for children.  This led to many commercial formulas to be low in saturated fats.  The natural production of high cholesterol in mother’s milk is essential for a baby’s development and to protect it from infection. It is perplexing that the recommendation by the FDA would be different than what our bodies are born to do naturally.

The dairy industry is completely out of control.  Milk sold at the supermarket is essentially poison. I was surprised, yet not so surprised anymore, to read how the FDA approved a genetically engineered growth hormone for dairy cows which mimics their pituitary gland. It stimulates the cow to pump out a high production of milk.  This growth hormone then gets into the milk supply which can then be passed to nursing babies through their mother’s milk. This can cause growth abnormalities.  Once again the FDA so irresponsibly putting our innocent babies at risk.  It was also interesting to learn how unnecessary pasteurization was. I thought the whole reason behind it was for sanitation reasons and to read that the process actually kills the good organism which help fight the bad bacteria leaving it still open for salmonella contamination makes you think, what’s the point? Pasteurization seems to be echelon of evil. Milk you buy at the grocery store should not be called milk. It is stripped of its enzymes, the amino acids are altered, the mineral components are changed, and synthetic vitamins are added.  It causes health issues such as strain on digestion, osteoporosis, heart disease, allergies, chronic fatigue, and it is harmful to the arteries and nervous system.

I really struggled to find contradictions between Nourishing Traditions and the studies in our class. I felt my jaw drop many times throughout this reading and felt that the points made had to be align with the philosophy of the teachings of the NTA.  The tone set by Nourishing Traditions and the impression left has only spiked my interest in nutrition and my future in this field even more.

The clout government run agencies have on our health is not only shocking but important to know.  Foods such as sugar, white flour, and polyunsaturated oils were recommended to the American people by the FDA. This is so irresponsible especially when so much evidence supports the contrary.  It makes you wonder if the “Diet Dictocrats” knew the effects it would have on the American people. The profits made off of sick people by these big government run agencies in all aspects of the food and drug industries must be astronomical.  Sally Fallon did an excellent job in exposing the wrongs in our food production and those running the show while also educating the reader on all the health benefits real food and proper preparation can do for our bodies. The only way changes can be made is through education and the demand for responsible representation in the FDA.


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