What I’m doing + get out of the almond butter

I have been in a haze of writer’s block and I don’t know if it was the amazingness of the last dippy sauce I made and the ‘drop the mic’ moment it gave me or maybe I’ve just been overwhelmed with work, school, and adulting……. but it could also be one too many weekends face planting margaritas (not paleo).

I was just in my favorite thinking spot, aka spoon deep in a jar of almond butter, and was thinking about my future as a Nutritional Therapist and then it hit me!  What is a Nutritional Therapist?  What is our philosophy?  What is our mission?   Why am I so passionate about this?  How many spoonfulls equal a serving?  So, let me break it down…..

A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner is a fairly new profession and is someone who is certified to do Functional Evaluations in order to make nutritional recommendations to balance body chemistry and achieve optimal wellness. Our mission is to reverse all the ill effects caused by the modern diet and to reeducate clients to eat nutritiously dense foods.

Everyone in this profession or studying to become an NTP is so deeply passionate about “real food” and the health it will bring to their clients and loved ones. We all feel this collective frustration and anger towards the misguiding of the FDA and the abundance of chemical ingredients in the modern diet.  The negative impact it has had on the health of people living in our country are sad, frustrating, and infuriating!  Our mission is to heal people through properly prepared, nutrient dense diets based on their bio-individual needs while giving the shit show of guidelines presented by the FDA a good ol’ middle finger while we do it!

Just incase you wanted to know what I was up to and why I love dropping health bombs (don’t say bomb on the airplane).  Wow, I feel better! Time to put my boyfriend, aka almond butter, back in the fridge for at least a few days.

Click the link below to read why the FDA guidelines show Frosted Flakes and Pop Tarts to be healthier than an avocado.  As my momma would say, “Bless their hearts”

FDA Seeks to Redefine ‘Healthy’