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Once upon a time there was this girl named Colleen, and she was a vegetarian. She was locked in a tower of tiredness. Well,  one day an energetic Queen came along, whose name was also Colleen. This Colleen was feeling happily hangry. She saved the vegetarian by eating her,  and the energetic Queen lived happily ever after. The End.

Trust me, I have nothing against vegetarianism, I love vegetarians! It means that I don’t have to share my food. I lived that way for a loooong time, so I totally get it. However, I had to make changes in my diet because I lived in this perpetual cloud of lethargy and seemed to live by the mantra “I’m so tired.”

Eating meat again has been a big part of my journey. I slowly started introducing grass-fed hormone free, nitrate free, sugar free, organic, crap free super happy dead animals back into my diet and over a couple of weeks I could feel a huge change.   My energy changed, my skin got better, I lost weight, I was sleeping better, I truly felt my overall being become better and happier. Plus… holy moly, give up bacon, rotisserie chicken, and steak for 10 years and then eat it again. WHOA MOMMMA! Meat good.

My body had been devoid of complete proteins and essential amino acids for 10 years!  I wasn’t getting enough vitamin A, D, B6, B12, and many mineral proteins.  To make matters worse, vegetarian diets lack fat-soluble catalysts needed for  mineral absorption, so that means the nutrition I was getting wasn’t getting properly absorbed for optimal use.  I thought eating legumes and grains would substitute the void in these imbalances but unless they are soaked (which they are usually not) the phytates block absorption of calcium, iron, zinc, copper, and magnesium.  These minerals are also much more easily absorbed from animal proteins. As for sleep, your body receives a nice dose of tryptophan from animal protein which is an amino acid that produces melanin, ZZzzz.  I can go on and on about the imbalances my personal body went through with years of inadequate nutrition. With all of the research and study of proteins and their nutritional benefits that I’ve been doing I’ve put the puzzle pieces together and am now on the path to health.

With that said, do what works best for you and if you do eat meat, quality is everything.  Eating processed meat is terrible and you can count on a future full of shitty health if you keep eating that crap.  Ok, phew.. now this



food for thought + meow

Dr. Pottenger’s cat study

A man named Dr. Pottenger did a study on cats to find what nutritional substances would make health optimal in humans.  He tested this by taking out the adrenal glands in cats and then he fed one group of cats cooked meat and pasteurized milk, while the other group of cats were fed raw meat and raw unpasteurized milk.  Over the span of 10 years the evidence he collected showed the cats who ate the raw meat and raw milk had great health and vitality. Their growth and development showed zero deterioration.  The cats had lots of energy, great coordination, teeth and gums were heathy, and each generation had optimum health without any deterioration.  The group of cats being fed the cooked meat and pasteurized milk showed a significate decline in heath.  These cats were sluggish, uncoordinated, vitality was low, bone structures changed and became weaker, they had poor teeth and gum health, and with each generation the deterioration was worse than the generation before. Eventually the cats were either uninterested in reproduction or only produced still borns.

So, what does this mean for your health? Dr. Pottenger’s study proved how important the quality of our food is and also how important the preparation is.  If you are drinking pasteurized condensed milk you are consuming a product with has little to no health value and over time will cause health problems in your diet. The milk is heated to high levels which kills off the nutritional content of the milk and then sugar is added to make it taste good. These changes in the nutritional structure can lead to poor teeth health, blood sugar imbalances, this process also strips away the nutrients needed for good bone health.  Cooking meat also has an impact on its nutritional structure. I am not saying to only eat raw meat.  I am saying to try and incorporate raw animal protein in your diet.  They are nutrient dense and can have a profound impact on your vitality, stress levels, and overall health.  As for the quality of the meat, cooked or raw, grass-fed hormone free is always optimal.  And just to touch of the healthy group of cats, their food was not altered from its natural raw state.  Raw fruits, vegetables, dairy, high quality meat have such an importance in the diet because of their rawness. When unchanged by heat, canning, or pasteurization you will absorb all of the nutritional benefits of the food.

soak yo nuts!

Soak yo nuts, seeds, and grains!! Seriously, if you are a nut lover this is a must. Nuts have a high amount of enzyme inhibitors making it difficult for your body to digest. Digestive enzymes are important because they are needed in breaking down foods. Also soaking removes phytic acid, phytic acid will block the absorption of calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc in your intestinal tract. The proper preparation of your nuts seeds and grains will keep your digestive systems happy, you will absorb proteins properly, your absorption of vitamins will increase, you will keep your colon free of toxins and this will help in the prevention of many health conditions.


How do I soak my nuts Colleen?

Put nuts in bowl

Pour warm water over nuts

Soak over night

Put in dehydrator or in oven on low temp until dry. It takes a few hours in the oven and if you keep them a little wet just store them in the fridge.

BONUS – they taste magicaler

pizza dough

So at CFKB (CrossFit Kingsboro) we have a question of the day (QOD) while we stretch. A lot of times they have to do with food, which I love. I like to hear what other people have to say and then I get my Paleo Cogs moving to see if I can paleomatize it. Pizza comes up A LOT. Seriously, people freaking love pizza. I do to but I think these people have unhealthy obsessions about pizza. Anyways, I made pizza. The season finale of The Bachelor was coming on that evening (#TeamLauren) and I knew the only way I was going to get my husband to watch three hours of riveting television was by making the holy grail of food. It was my first shot at pizza dough and I’m not changing a thing. It was amaze. This reminds me, I don’t think I have mentioned bacon yet.




I hate chemistry and now it has happened, I am in the chemistry portion of my studies. OMG, total break down! I am trying to get through an hour long lecture but the first 20mins have taken me over an hour because I am constantly stopping, taking notes, rewinding and trying to understand all this sciencey science stuff. UGH, this is where my life it right now. Spatula deep into an empty jar of almond butter. Thank goodness for Colin. Colin likes wall balls, he likes doing them for fun. I like working off aggression so we threw some heavy shit really high and I felt so much better.

cilantro + jalapeño + lime sweet potato biscuits

Oh the CrossFit open, how I love and hate thee. It has been a great experience and such a frustrating one too. You really get tested mentally and physically. I am so impressed by my teammate’s strength and gung-ho. 16.3 though, oh man it made me so mad! Ugh, I was soo freaking mad at the pull up bar I wanted to hurt it! I wanted to break it and yell at it! I was so mad I wanted to cry, but that would have been weird and I’m sure my coach would have been totally freaked out if I just started crying in the middle of the workout. I was soooo MAD! Anyways, moving on. This was a Monday, and I bring in food to the box on Tuesdays to test out recipes. After the workout I had to talk about anything to get my mind off of 16.3 so I asked my coach what he was craving or maybe we were just talking about food… anyways, all I remember was “sweet potato biscuits” As soon as I came home I looked at what I had in the fridge and that is how I came up with these beauties.

cilantro + jalepeno + lime sweet potato biscuitsRecipe

book review + Nourishing Traditions


This is a must read for anyone interested in nutrition or for anyone interested in the untruths the FDA  has been feeding the American people for decades (It’s a cookbook too!)  Our food industry is completely out of control and the thread puller of this unraveling spool are those who are supposed to be looking out for the best interest of the American people. Unfortunately, too much money can be made by government run industries if we are all sick.  Assholes.

My book review:

Nourishing Traditions challenges the reader to see the good and bad in nutrition.  Why are Americans so sick while other countries, developed and third world, are so healthy? Sally Fallon, the author, exposes the self-proclaimed “Diet Dictocrats” for misleading non-full truths in food science.  While also educating the reader on important macro and micronutrients along with their important functions.

This book was my first introduction to Dr. Price.  I found his research on the diets of “indigenous” people compared to those who eat a modern diet to be very interesting.  He found that those who lived a more primitive and isolated life had a more nutrient dense diet full of healthy fats and animal proteins lived a life free of chronic disease, dental decay, and mental illness. Those who ate a modern diet in the “civilized” world were stuck with more illness, tooth decay, and disease.  This was linked to a diet caused by the industrial revolution and modern man.

In the fats chapter, I was surprised to discover the FDA’s recommendation of a low cholesterol, low-fat diet for children.  This led to many commercial formulas to be low in saturated fats.  The natural production of high cholesterol in mother’s milk is essential for a baby’s development and to protect it from infection. It is perplexing that the recommendation by the FDA would be different than what our bodies are born to do naturally.

The dairy industry is completely out of control.  Milk sold at the supermarket is essentially poison. I was surprised, yet not so surprised anymore, to read how the FDA approved a genetically engineered growth hormone for dairy cows which mimics their pituitary gland. It stimulates the cow to pump out a high production of milk.  This growth hormone then gets into the milk supply which can then be passed to nursing babies through their mother’s milk. This can cause growth abnormalities.  Once again the FDA so irresponsibly putting our innocent babies at risk.  It was also interesting to learn how unnecessary pasteurization was. I thought the whole reason behind it was for sanitation reasons and to read that the process actually kills the good organism which help fight the bad bacteria leaving it still open for salmonella contamination makes you think, what’s the point? Pasteurization seems to be echelon of evil. Milk you buy at the grocery store should not be called milk. It is stripped of its enzymes, the amino acids are altered, the mineral components are changed, and synthetic vitamins are added.  It causes health issues such as strain on digestion, osteoporosis, heart disease, allergies, chronic fatigue, and it is harmful to the arteries and nervous system.

I really struggled to find contradictions between Nourishing Traditions and the studies in our class. I felt my jaw drop many times throughout this reading and felt that the points made had to be align with the philosophy of the teachings of the NTA.  The tone set by Nourishing Traditions and the impression left has only spiked my interest in nutrition and my future in this field even more.

The clout government run agencies have on our health is not only shocking but important to know.  Foods such as sugar, white flour, and polyunsaturated oils were recommended to the American people by the FDA. This is so irresponsible especially when so much evidence supports the contrary.  It makes you wonder if the “Diet Dictocrats” knew the effects it would have on the American people. The profits made off of sick people by these big government run agencies in all aspects of the food and drug industries must be astronomical.  Sally Fallon did an excellent job in exposing the wrongs in our food production and those running the show while also educating the reader on all the health benefits real food and proper preparation can do for our bodies. The only way changes can be made is through education and the demand for responsible representation in the FDA.


dirty secret

I am a loud and proud CrossFitter (newbie)! Yup. There. I said it. And if you have a problem with health, exercise, community, and being sexy than whoa man I feel sad for ya. CrossFit has a bad rap and a reputation for being very “bro” and for being cult like, eh..I used to think that too. My brother had been trying to get me to go for years and finally he talked me into it so I gave it a shot. I haven’t looked back, not even a glance, well except to check out my new CrossFit ass!!! Hey, I have done a lot of wall ball shots and back squats for this ass. It has become my happy place, the box not my ass, It is a place where everyone belongs, again not my ass. It doesn’t matter your age, religion, race, sexuality, sex, if you have sex (hehe) it is truly become a place of family. I see why boxes (lingo for : gym) are considered small communities. I love it I love it I love it!!I love that I can call the coaches and members friends. I have only been going for 6 months and I’m still learning sooooo many of the moves and still giggle on snatch day. I love the snatch! Thank you CrossFit Kingsboro you boys have really made something special for so many people.



stop and smell the jet fuel

It was a long night in the sky, besides dealing with weather delays I also had a medical emergency on board. A woman literally collapsed in my arms and I am sitting with her in the the pitch black of the cabin telling her she will be okay. I won’t go into details but all was good in the end. As the sun came up and we were coming to land into Glasgow I took a moment to look out the window, a rarity sometimes. The world is beautiful.

 “though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not” Ralph Waldo Emerson “though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

“though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not” Ralph Waldo Emerson


hit the books + enjoy the view

Currently I have joyfully been spending all my free time with my nose in the books… yes even when I am in amazing places like Edinburgh. For the first time in my life I feel like I cannot absorb information fast enough or talk about it enough. I am obsessed with healthy foods, healthy living, and fitness….. and cookies and the occasional margarita or tequila with the hubs. What? So going to school for Nutritional Therapy has been the best leap I have ever taken. The Nutritional Therapy Association has become a huge motivator in my life and I am loving the journey I am on and I have never felt more excited about my future. Now I just have to pass all my classes and not screw it up (failure scares me more than spiders, I got bit by a deadly spider once and survived btw)

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